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Over 10 years' call

To instruct a member or for further information about a member’s expertise and availability, please contact the clerking team for further information.

Queen’s Counsel Over 10 years' call Below 10 years' call Arbitrators Door Tenants Clerks Staff or search:
Darryl Royce Barrister Atkin Chambers

Darryl Royce

Call 1976

Robert Clay Atkin Chambers

Robert Clay

Call 1989

Nicholas Collings barrister Atkin Chambers

Nicholas Collings

Call 1997


Patrick Clarke

Call 1997

Rupert Choat Barrister Atkin Chambers

Rupert Choat

Call 1998

Camille Slow_barrister_Atkin Chambers

Camille Slow

Call 2002


Mark Chennells

Call 2002

Shourav Lahiri Barrister Atkin Chambers

Shourav Lahiri

Call 2002

Jennifer Jones Barrister Atkin Chambers

Jennifer Jones

Call 2003

Portrait of Lucie Briggs, Barrister at Atkin Chambers

Lucie Briggs

Call 2004

Portrait of Sebastian Pigott a barrister at Atkin Chambers

Sebastian Pigott

Call 1994 (practising since 2004)

Simon_Crawshaw Barrister Atkin Chambers

Simon Crawshaw

Call 2005

Marc Lixenberg Barrister Atkin Chambers

Marc Lixenberg

Call 2005

Katie Powell Portrait Image Barrister Atkin Chambers

Katie Powell

Call 2005

Ronan Hanna

Rónán Hanna

Call 2006

Andrew Fenn Barrister Atkin Chambers

Andrew Fenn

Call 2007


Zulfikar Khayum

Call 2006


Peter Land

Call 2007

Edmund Neuberger Barrister Atkin Chambers

Edmund Neuberger

Call 2008

Omar Eljadi Barrister Atkin Chambers

Omar Eljadi

Call 2009

Portrait of David Johnson barrister at Atkin Chambers

David Johnson

Call 2010

Felicity Dynes

Felicity Dynes

Call 2010