IT & Telecommunications

The lengthy experience that its members have in this field means that Atkin Chambers is recognised as one of the leading sets in the IT and telecommunications sector. Members’ clients include service providers and end users in both the public and the private sectors.

IT and telecommunications disputes are often fact-heavy or technically complex and may be both. Members are used to dealing with large quantities of factual material, identifying what matters and why – whether commercially or forensically.

Members’ ability to work with experts in order to understand and master the technical elements of projects in these sectors is a key strength. But members also recognise that understanding the environment in which the technology is being applied can be critical to the outcome of the dispute. Although having common methodological elements, an IT project in the health sector differs from one designed for the banking industry, and both differ from a project to upgrade a telecommunications network in an underground rail system.

The breadth of recent instructions in Chambers reflects members’ market-leading expertise. Those instructions have involved software and hardware development projects, mobile networks, outsourced communications systems, transport and infrastructure projects, systems integration, healthcare management, facilities management, upgrading banking and money transfer services, emergency service systems, smart card technology, and web-based booking systems.