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Tribunal Appointments

Our experience in arguing and advising in relation to disputes means that we are in demand to act as arbitrators, adjudicators, mediators and more generally as members of dispute resolution panels.

Our arbitrators have been retained to chair and to sit on international arbitration panels convened by reference to the rules of all of the major international arbitral bodies. Where they sit as part of an arbitral panel they are used to working effectively in what is frequently an international team. As a result they have a familiarity with all of the well-known arbitral procedures and with the procedural and substantive complexities of many of the world’s legal systems.

Our adjudicators have experience of determining both small and large scale claims. Many members are Technology and Construction Bar Association (TECBAR) accredited adjudicators. Others are frequently identified by name as designated adjudicators in large infrastructure projects. They appreciate the need for a speedy but fair determination.

The extent of our experience is reflected by the fact that our members are authors of two of the leading legal text books on adjudication.