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Members have an international reputation as specialist advocates and experts in all forms of dispute resolution in the sectors in which they operate. In addition, a number of highly-respected, senior international ADR practitioners are door tenants at Atkin Chambers. They include former judges and other legal professionals awarded and honoured by their peers and governments for their distinguished service to the law.

Please contact our dedicated clerk for arbitrator and other ADR appointments: Daniel Jones, ADR clerk,

Queen’s Counsel Over 10 years' call Below 10 years' call Arbitrators Door Tenants Clerks Staff or search:
Nicolas Dennys QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

Nicholas Dennys QC

Silk 1991

Jonathan Acton Davis QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

Jonathan Acton Davis QC

Silk 1996

Andrew White_barrister_AtkinChambers

Andrew White QC

Silk 1997

Nicholas_Baatz_QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

Nicholas Baatz QC

Silk 1998

Martin Bowdery QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

Martin Bowdery QC

Silk 2000

Stephen Dennison QC

Silk 2001

David Streatfeild James QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

David Streatfeild-James QC

Silk 2001

Andrew Goddard QC Atkin Chambers

Andrew Goddard QC

Silk 2003

Stephanie Barwise QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

Stephanie Barwise QC

Silk 2006

Simon Lofthouse QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

Simon Lofthouse QC

Silk 2006

Manus McMullan Barrister Atkin Chambers

Manus McMullan QC

Silk 2010

James Howells QC Barrister Atkin Chambers

James Howells QC

Silk 2014

Nicholas Collings barrister Atkin Chambers

Nicholas Collings

Call 1997

Rupert Choat Barrister Atkin Chambers

Rupert Choat

Call 1998

Robert Akenhead Portrait

Sir Robert Akenhead

Arbitrator, Adjudicator & Mediator

John Blackburn

John Blackburn QC


Sir Thayne Forbes

Arbitrator, Adjudicator & Mediator

Doug Jones Atkin Chambers

Professor Doug Jones

Chartered Arbitrator

Her Honour Frances Kirkham Atkin Chambers

Her Honour Frances Kirkham CBE

Chartered Arbitrator, Adjudicator & Mediator

His Honour Humphrey LLoyd QC

Arbitrator & Mediator

Michael Shane Atkin Chambers

Michael Shane

Mediator & Arbitrator