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Edmund Neuberger Barrister Atkin Chambers

Edmund Neuberger

Call 2008

"Really talented barrister and a safe pair of hands who won't let you down."
"His pleadings are thorough and well drafted, and he is a calm and reassuring presence for clients."

Chambers and Partners

Edmund specialises in all aspects of Chambers’ work for a broad range of domestic and international clients, particularly in the fields of construction and engineering, information technology and professional negligence. Edmund’s background in engineering and information technology provides a solid grounding for the more detailed and technically complex areas of dispute.

He has worked on a wide range of disputes. Recent examples include concerning commercial construction contracts, shipbuilding, combined cycle gas turbine plants, a coal-fired power station, chemical manufacturing facility, numerous residential developments, professional negligence of construction professionals, PFI projects (roads, waste management, hospitals) and cladding related claims.


Edmund is familiar with standard form engineering contracts (including JCT, NEC and GC/Works) and has been instructed by both contractors and employers in a number of international and domestic disputes. Recent instructions include:

  • Advising on injunctive relief under the Emergency Arbitrator Provisions under the ICC Rules in relation to a chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Edmund acts as sole counsel for one of the world’s leading engineering businesses in relation to two disputes with its sub-contractor. Both disputes relate to multi-million pound projects for the overhaul of power stations in the Philippines and Libya.
  • North Midland Building Ltd v Cyden Homes Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 1744, [2018] 7 WLUK 698, [2018] BLR 565 and [2018] CILL 4189. Edmund appeared in the Court of Appeal in a case concerned with the prevention principle in the context of a clause providing that the liability for concurrent delay rested with the contractor and should not be taken into account for the purposes of calculating an extension of time.
  • Acted for the claimant in High Court proceedings about the defective construction of a newly built TV recording studio.
  • Breach of a Loan Note instrument in connection with a SPA. Issues included conflict of laws and termination related disputes.
  • LXB RP (Crown Road) Ltd v Squibb Group Ltd [2016] EWHC 2669. Acted for a special purpose vehicle to enforce an adjudicator’s decision. The Court considered whether the defendant was entitled to a stay of enforcement on the basis of the claimant’s financial position.
  • J Murphy & Sons Ltd v W Maher & Sons Ltd [2016] EWHC 1148, [2016] All ER (D) 176 (May). Part 8 hearing for declarations in relation to jurisdictional challenges in an ongoing adjudication. The Court considered whether parties to a construction contract had reached a full and final settlement in relation to the final account were disputes arising under the contract and could be referred to adjudication.
  • A sale of goods agreement concerning SIM Cards. The case involved technical issues around alleged defects and legal issues on the effect of a Chinese insurance policy.
  • Carillion Construction Ltd v Woods Bagot Europe Ltd, AECOM Ltd, EMCOR Engineering Services Ltd and EMCOR (UK) Limited [2017] EWCA Civ 65 and [2016] EWHC 905, [2016] BLR 382, [2016] CILL 3833, [2016] All ER (D) 11 (May). Preliminary issue hearing in a claim arising from the construction of the Rolls Building, home of the TCC, Commercial and other courts. Two preliminary issues were considered relating to the operation of extension of time provisions in a sub-contract and whether certain claims were irrecoverable.
  • CSK Electrical Contractors Ltd v Kingwood Electrical Services Ltd [2015] EWHC 667, [2015] All ER (D) 167 (Mar). Enforcement of an adjudicator’s decision resisted on a number of grounds.
  • Lovell Partnerships Limited and Connaught Partnerships Limited v Merton Priory Homes [2014] EWHC 1615 and [2014] EWHC 1800, [2014] BLR 541, [2014] CILL 3521, [2014] Bus LR 954 and [2014] All ER (D) 189 (Jul). Junior counsel to Simon Lofthouse QC in a Part 8 dispute for declaratory relief on the proper interpretation of a clause in a standard form partnering contract (ACA Standard Form of Contract for Term Partnering 2005).
  • Devon County Council v White Design Associates Limited and Interserve Construction Limited – Edmund acts for a contractor in a claim relating to the allegedly defective design and construction of an ‘eco-friendly’ school necessitating its demolition and reconstruction.
  • W Maher & Sons Limited v Bowmer & Kirkland Limited. Enforced an adjudicator’s award (in excess of half a million pounds) following a two day application in the High Court. Issues before the Court included issues of findings in excess of jurisdiction by the adjudicator and issues around the Court’s jurisdiction to make declarations by way of counterclaim in a an adjudication enforcement action.
  • Acted as sole counsel in a five month long adjudication with a claimed value in excess of £6.6m. These proceedings concerned issues of repudiatory breach and final account issues and required two hearing days before the adjudicator.
  • Successfully opposed the enforcement of an adjudication award before Mr Justice Ramsey due to a breach of natural justice (LG Developments North Eastern Limited v Halls of Durham Limited, unreported).
  • Providing advice to insurers on conflict of law and enforceability issues under the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930 arising out of an arbitration in the Republic of Ireland in circumstances where cover had been withdrawn.
  • Part of a counsel team in pleading a £200 million delay and defects claim in relation to a national infrastructure project based on an NEC 3 type contract, including preparation of a pre-action application for specific disclosure.
  • Advising as both junior and sole counsel on a number aspects of an ongoing multi-million pound PFI scheme in the north of England. Edmund has provided a number of legal and tactical advices, as well as advising in conference, both in his own capacity and as junior on a number of aspects of the complex PFI contracts.
  • Appeared as sole counsel in a three day trial in the Birmingham County Court. The matter related to the allegedly negligent construction of an outdoor riding arena.


Edmund has advised and acted in a number of professional negligence claims against lawyers, architects and other construction professionals. Edmund has also advised architects and other construction professionals on aspects of professional indemnity insurance. Recent examples include:

  • Acting for a construction manager in a multi-party claim around ultra-prime central London residential developments.
  • Edmund acted as sole counsel defending a professional negligence claim against a firm of cost managers in relation to the procurement and construction of luxury apartments and hotels.
  • Acting for one of a number of defendants in relation to a defective air conditioning system in a commercial building in London. The case involves technical issues around the specification of the air conditioning system and water treatment in use.
  • Sole counsel for a five day trial concerning allegations of professional negligence against a firm of architects in the TCC in Manchester.
  • Sole counsel for a six day High Court trial defending a firm of architects in relation to a professional negligence claim regarding the conversion of an historic castle in Ireland. Edmund has been instructed since the pleadings stage of proceedings, which has since settled (AB v CD [2013] EWHC 1376, [2013] BLR 435).
  • Conducted an adjudication on behalf of an employer under the RIBA Standard Form of Agreement alleging professional negligence against a firm of architects in the design and supervision of refurbishment works of a luxury property. Providing tactical advice before, during and after the adjudication and drafting submissions.
  • Junior counsel in pleading a defence and contribution claim against a third party for a firm of architects in a claim involving technical aspects of bulk earthworks in the conversion of a large industrial site.
  • Acting for a claimant homeowner in relation to a claim of professional negligence against architects in relation to Professional Consultant’s Certificates (PCCs).
  • Providing preliminary advice to insurers on liability to a firm of engineering consultants following the physical collapse of a construction project.
  • Pleading and providing tactical advice to a firm of architects in a claim resulting from the restoration and refurbishment of a listed building.


Edmund’s experience in this area is particularly in relation to the construction of power plants and industrial sites. Recent instructions include:

  • Instructed in relation to an arbitration regarding the construction of a 1050 MW power plant in Asia.
  • Instructed as part of a team in a multi-million dollar ICC arbitration regarding the construction of a power plant.
  • Edmund has recently been involved with a hearing, submissions and tactical advice as junior counsel in an adjudication concerning an extension of time brought by the principal contractor of a power plant. His involvement included spending time on site, taking witness statements from the client’s employees, as well as attending an adjudication hearing.
  • Pleading as junior counsel in a case concerning a manufacturer and installer of waste management and recycling units.


Edmund has undertaken work of a highly technical nature, including in relation to complex multinational licence agreements for substantial commercial software and agreements for the provision of programming services. Edmund is familiar with the technical demands of IT and Telecommunications disputes from his background as an engineer. Recent work includes:

  • Sole counsel acting for a provider of public sector IT services against its large, specialist IT sub-contractor, principally involving issues of delay in relation to a government website.
  • Acted as junior counsel in a multi-million pound arbitration for the provision of health care software.
  • Junior counsel in an international claim concerning the production of alleged defective electrical components in the automotive industry.


Edmund is a member of the SCL, COMBAR, TECBAR and LCLBA. Edmund also regularly sits as an adjudicator and is a member of the CEDR and TECBAR panels.