Pupillage at Atkin Chambers – introductory videos

Please see below four videos for prospective pupils looking to apply to Chambers.

Hear about

  • members’ journey to the bar;
  • the advantages of practice in commercial construction, infrastructure and energy disputes;
  • the set’s global outlook;
  • the opportunities to grow your practice as a tenant;
  • what to think about when applying to Chambers;
  • how to frame your interests and experience; and finally
  • what to expect from the pupillage year at Atkin Chambers and how it is designed to support pupils to make the move into tenancy and full-time practice.

The videos are available below or on Chambers’ YouTube Channel.

About Atkin Chambers for pupillage applicants

In this video the barristers at Atkin Chambers discuss what makes Atkin Chambers distinctive and special as a barristers’ chambers, and the features of a practice at the Commercial Construction Bar.

Life as at Tenant at Atkin Chambers – information for pupillage applicants to Atkin Chambers

In this video barristers at Atkin Chambers talk about life as a commercial construction barrister at Atkin Chambers, including: their distinctive areas of practice across commercial construction, energy, infrastructure, information technology, and professional negligence; the variety and mix of the work they do at home and abroad from domestic litigation to some of the largest international arbitration disputes in the world; and about how their practices have evolved and developed.

How to Apply and the Ideal Candidate for pupillage at Atkin Chambers

In this video barristers at Atkin Chambers talk about how to approach the pupillage application process and what distinguishes a successful application for pupillage at Atkin Chambers. Barristers also discuss what Atkin Chambers is looking for in a pupillage application; how candidates can demonstrate a commitment to the Commercial Bar and their potential to excel in the sort of commercial construction, energy and infrastructure disputes that the members of Atkin Chambers are internationally renowned for.

The Pupillage Experience at Atkin Chambers

In this video by Atkin Chambers barristers discuss what the pupillage year at Atkin Chambers looks like including: How should pupils approach the pupillage year to maximise the opportunity? How does the pupillage year at Atkin Chambers work? How does it support pupils to make a successful move into full-time practice at the end of their pupillage?