Counsel in international arbitration

Whether or not English law is chosen as the governing law, members are retained for their strategic, tactical and advocacy skills in international arbitration, particularly in energy and infrastructure disputes.

Chambers and Partners describes Atkin Chambers as having a “commanding standing in the market as a result of both the depth of its expertise and the strength of its advocacy”.

Members are instructed by UK or international law firms and directly by foreign law firms or clients.

Members’ arbitration expertise and experience includes:

  • General commercial disputes
  • The construction of real estate and infrastructure, including energy and transport projects
  • Joint venture and shareholder disputes
  • Disputes relating to sale of goods and commodities
  • Performance bonds, guarantees, letters of indemnity, banking collateral agreements
  • Insurance, re-insurance and mutual assurance issues.

Experience in international forums

There is an increasing demand for English barristers in international cases overseas and members’ skills in forensic analysis, advisory work and advocacy are in demand in many different forums.

Members are experienced in interpreting and applying the law of other countries.  The barristers practise in many of the world’s leading arbitration centres and are highly-experienced in handling disputes under the major international arbitration rules including, but not limited to. ICC, LCIA, HKIAC, ICSID, UNCITRAL, SIAC and DIAC.

Some members are also qualified to appear in the courts of other jurisdictions such as Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania and the DIFC in Dubai.

Barristers can also be engaged to act as experts on English law in foreign cases.

Within Chambers there are members with a working knowledge of French, German, Urdu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Arabic. Members are also regularly invited to speak at international law conferences and global industry events.

Enforcement of arbitral awards and interim relief

Over the last decade the rise in popularity of international arbitration as a form of dispute resolution has meant that the enforceability of such awards in national courts has been a rapidly changing landscape.

Members of Atkin Chambers have an exceptional amount of expertise available to clients to advise and guide them through this complex environment.