Mediation, Expert Determination & ADR

The ability to get to the heart of a dispute means that the members and door tenants of Atkin Chambers are uniquely well-qualified to assist in settling disputes and avoiding expensive and protracted litigation.

Members and door tenants can act as facilitators, neutral evaluators and mediators.


Settling disputes requires an understanding of more than just the legal strengths and weaknesses of a case. It is important to understand that the best settlements are achieved when parties look beyond the heat of the immediate dispute and focus on the long-term benefits that a settlement brings to both of them.

Atkin Chambers’ mediators don’t give up. They appreciate that the complexities of some disputes mean that it is not possible to settle all the issues between the parties in a day. They are committed to striving to achieve a settlement for as long as it takes.

Expert determination

Members and door tenants also act as experts, particularly early in a dispute process where the parties may ask for an expert determination on the complex technical and legal issues on which they disagree to help mitigate or avoid the need for more formal dispute resolution.