Tenancy at Atkin Chambers

Applications for Tenancy

Pupils applying for tenancy participate in a formal assessment procedure undertaken as part of their practising period.

Shortly after the start of their practising period pupils will be informed of the timetable which will apply to the formal assessment period and the notification of the results of that assessment.

Chambers aims to make tenancy decisions in early July of the following year (approximately 10 months into pupillage). Candidates are notified of the results of their applications immediately after the decision is made.

Application for tenancy is a structured approach based on:

  • Written reports on pupils’ progress from each of the pupil supervisors with whom a pupil has spent time during pupillage.
  • The on-going assessment process from throughout pupillage.
  • The panel work, the advocacy exercise and the test paper as provided by the Pupillage and Recruitment Committee.

Full details are contained in Chambers’ Pupillage Policy.

Life as a tenant

  • Equal emphasis is placed on the practices of all members from the most junior to the most senior members of the building.
  • Junior barristers are allocated a senior mentor who provides invaluable guidance and support in the early years.
  • New tenants can look forward to a busy and varied practice from the start. As one junior tenant of Chambers noted: “Within 30 minutes of the call from my pupil supervisor informing me that my tenancy application had been successful, the clerks were on the phone with my first two sets of instructions and I have been busy ever since.”
  • Members work across the globe and there are opportunities for significant international experience early on. Recently junior tenants have worked on arbitrations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and have been seconded to law firms in Dubai, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.
  • Juniors are given early opportunities to speak at conferences and attend industry events both domestically and internationally, and to contribute to industry publications.
  • All barristers benefit from great practice management support. The clerking team is one of the most experienced at the Bar and is supported by specialist finance, marketing and administrative staff. The team is highly recommended – a recent directory describes it as “Excellent, they give you five-star service – easy to deal with and proactive with no fuss”.
  • All tenants have their own room (to completely make their own) and enjoy a high standard of accommodation and facilities, and IT support within Chambers. The building provides members with first-class client conferencing facilities.
  • New tenants (joining after pupillage) are not required to contribute to Chambers’ expenses on work done during the first 12 months of tenancy.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for socialising within Chambers from daily afternoon tea, Friday night drinks, monthly lunches, client marketing events, and regular internal get-togethers for barristers and staff.