Pupillage interview process

The pupillage interview at Atkin Chambers

Chambers selects all pupils via a two-round interview process.

First-round interviews are typically 15-20 minutes in length and are conducted by at least two members of Chambers, at least one of whom is a member of the Pupillage and Recruitment Committee. Candidates may be asked questions about their written application. They will also be asked to make a short presentation about a topical issue and to answer some questions arising from that presentation.

Typically, 10 or so candidates will be invited back for a second-round interview. Second-round interviews are typically 45 minutes in length and are normally attended by the whole of the Pupillage and Recruitment Committee. Candidates are provided with a legal problem in advance of the second-round interview and will be asked to provide their advice and answer questions on the problem during the interview. They may also be asked to argue a position in relation to a separate unseen legal or topical issue.

At each interview stage, candidates are first assessed independently by each member of the interview panel. Those assessments are then discussed by the whole panel to reach an agreed combined assessment of each candidate.

At each interview, applicants will have the opportunity to ask the Pupillage and Recruitment Committee any further questions about the pupillage and Atkin Chambers.

Expenses policy for interviews

Chambers will reimburse all reasonable travel expenses for interviewees. Please ask for details when your interview is being arranged or email pupillage@atkinchambers.com for details of how to claim.

Reasonable adjustments

Do please let us know/contact pupillage@atkinchambers.com should you wish to request any reasonable adjustments for the interview.