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Lauren Adams Atkin Chambers

Lauren Adams

Call 2013

“Extremely bright, tenacious and hardworking, Lauren retains a practical eye at all times.”

A client

Lauren Adams specialises in all aspects of chambers work, including in the areas of construction, engineering, energy, information technology and professional negligence.

Lauren has gained experience of bespoke and standard form contracts, and is familiar with the JCT, NEC and FIDIC forms as well as LOGIC CRINE terms.

Lauren’s domestic practice involves advising on private residential work and large commercial projects, happily undertaking both adjudication and arbitration work. She also is enjoying developing an international practice in arbitration under the ICC, LCIA, DIAC and HKIAC rules, and provides non-contentious advice on prospective construction contracts. She has a special interest in how guarantees and bonds are used in the construction industry, and has written both a Hudson paper and a collaborative paper comparing English and Italian law on the subject.

Lauren was elected to the Society of Construction Law (SCL) Council in 2015 and focusses her efforts on coordinating the SCL’s well-attended advocacy courses, sitting on the SCL Hudson Prize judging panel as well as building relationships with future construction professionals though the SCL’s university liaison and grants sub-committee. Outside of chambers, Lauren has also tutored on the undergraduate law course at Oxford and provides on-going academic support to undergraduate students at Bristol University, Cambridge and the University of Sussex.


  • Junior counsel on AMEY LG Limited v Cumbria County Council [2016] EWHC 2856 (TCC), a multi-million pound final account dispute relating to a contract for highways maintenance.
  • Junior counsel on on-going dispute relating to construction of the Rolls Building.
  • Drafting a request for information and defence for a claim arising out of the design and manufacture of a propane condenser.
  • Drafting a pre-action letter and particulars of claim for damages arising out of defective installation of roof waterproofing system.
  • Drafting a particulars of claim for a claim arising out of the defective design, construction and installation of a steel frame.
  • Drafting a defence for a claim arising out of traffic model designed to test various congestion reducing options on a UK motorway.
  • Advising on the effect of an entire agreement clause on terms implied by the Sale of Goods Act and by fact/party intention in the context of ticket-reading machines.
  • Advising on the proper interpretation of an exclusion clause in the context of the LOGIC CRINE standard terms for an offshore drilling rig project.
  • Advising on the proper construction of supply contract for turbines governed by English law in the context of Italian and Korean signatories.
  • Advising parties on the proper construction of security instruments.
  • Appearing on behalf of a successful party in a summary judgment application relating to a loan agreement.
  • Appearing on behalf of an architect at creditors’ meeting and successfully challenging the special purpose vehicle structure used by the company declaring voluntary insolvency to secure payment of his outstanding fees.
  • Advising on non-contentious construction matters for Soho House.
  • Appearing on behalf of a high net worth individual in a mediation relating to a dispute over the project manager’s invoices for renovation of his London property.


  • Junior counsel in arbitration proceedings relating to a PET plant.
  • Junior counsel in arbitration proceedings relating to a major infrastructure project in Qatar.
  • Drafting the skeleton argument for security for costs under the ICE rules in the context of a claim arising out of an engineering contract for the construction of a marina.
  • Advising on whether the courts had concurrent jurisdiction to order security for costs, where the arbitral rules also provided for this power and the suitability of after the event insurance as security in arbitral proceedings.
  • Advising on the applicable law for “piercing the corporate veil” under the ICC rules arising out of a potential claim for a defective plant.
  • Advising on the availability of New York Convention Defences to enforcement of a New York Convention Award.
  • Drafting defence and counterclaim arising out of a claim for damages following the refurbishment of a boarding school.
  • Advising on the scope of the parties’ confidentiality obligations in an arbitration under the DIAC rules.
  • Drafting a defence to a claim for loss and expense, and extensions of time arising out of changes to the works due to the contractor encountering unforeseen ground conditions during the construction of a marina.


  • Acting for successful and unsuccessful parties at the enforcement stage.
  • Acting for parties in no “payless” notice disputes and “true value” adjudications.
  • Acting for parties who have chosen to use the Scheme for Adjudication in the context of non-construction operations occurring outside the jurisdiction.
  • Advising as to the relative merits of challenging an adjudicator’s invoice.
  • Advising on the based on the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (June 2005 Edition with later amendments) scope of dispute referred and the effect of a decision made “outwith jurisdiction” in a 1st adjudication on a 2nd adjudication in the context of defective pipework.
  • Advising on the relative merits of resisting enforcement or proceeding straight to arbitration to challenge an unfavourable adjudication award concerning the locus of design liability under a JCT standard form contract with a contractor designed portion.
  • Drafting a defence and counterclaim arising out of a claim for damages following the installation of tiles in a hotel.
  • Drafting particulars of claim for a claim arising out of the adjudication of a Target Cost Contract.
  • Advising on the existence of natural justice/jurisdictional objections to an adjudication award and the appropriateness of bringing a part 8 claim for declaration on the substantive matters.


Selected publications

“On-demand bonds – a comparative study of English and Italian law on Fraudulent or Abusive Calling” – co-written with Giuseppe Broccoli, BDA Studio Legale – International Construction Law Review 2014

“New Clots in the Lifeblood of International Construction Projects: Enjoining employers’ calls on performance bonds” –This paper was presented to an audience of SCL members at the National Liberal Club, in May 2014 and is to be re-printed in the Construction Law Journal.

Qualifications and Awards

2014: SCL Hudson 1st Prize for “New Clots in the Lifeblood of International Construction Projects: Enjoining Employers’ calls on performance bonds

2013: Called to the Bar of England and Wales (Lincoln’s Inn)
2012-2013: Non-stipendiary law tutor at Oriel College and Regent’s Park College, Oxford University.

2012 – 2013: City Law School: Bar Vocational Course (Very competent)

2011 – 2012: BCL (Master’s in Law), St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, Distinction  (Conflict of Laws; Restitution of Unjust Enrichment; European Business Regulation; Constitutional Principles of the European Union); Law Faculty prize for achieving the highest mark in Constitutional Principles of the EU on the BCL (2012)

2011: Lord Denning and Hardwicke Scholarships, Lincoln’s Inn

2008 – 2011: BA (Jurisprudence), Regent’s Park College, Oxford

Member of the 2010 Oxford Jessup International Law Moot Team, which won the UK National Prize for Best Memorial Prize, Top 20 Memorial Prize in the International rounds and was ranked 6th in the world during the international rounds in Washington DC.