17 Oct 2020: Andrew Goddard QC and Shourav Lahiri discuss ‘Current tensions and future choices for International Arbitration’

17th Oct 2020


1:45 pm

Virtual Conference

Andrew Goddard QC and Shourav Lahiri will discuss “Current tensions and future choices for International Arbitration” at the Future Law Virtual Summit (FLVS2020) on 17 October 2020 joined by Brian Knight QC.

Andrew Goddard QC will chair the panel discussion that will consider the issue of tribunal selection in international commercial arbitration (including Investor/State disputes); whether the practice of party-nomination is justified; and the perceived problem of repeat appointments.

Other issues likely to arise include the issue of diversity (or lack of it) in the constitution of arbitral panels; the tension between the public interest in open justice and parties’ desire for confidentiality; the impact of third-party funding; and whether it serves the public interest that rights of appeal to national courts are so limited.

With regard to Investor/State arbitration, the panel will also consider concerns voiced as to the appropriateness of international tribunals deciding issues which impact a State’s ability to pursue public policy objectives; the scope for third party intervention; and whether there needs to be an effective appeals procedure.

This event was recorded – to view the recording of this virtual panel discussion please click here. 

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