Stephanie Barwise QC | Grenfell Inquiry Opening Statements

7th Jun 2018

Stephanie Barwise QC – appointment re: The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry.

Stephanie Barwise QC is representing the larger of the two groups of victims (survivors, bereaved relatives and former residents of Grenfell Tower) in The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, a group represented by four firms of solicitors.

Copies of her submissions to the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry at the Opening Statements on 5 June 2018 are available here and cover two matters:

  1. The manner in which the cladding compromised the safety of Grenfell Tower, and the question of the “obvious non-compliance of that work with the Building Regulations”; and
  2. The lack of engagement of the corporate core participants with the obvious non-compliance issue.

The proceedings are available to view here.

Copies of Stephanie’s submissions at the Second Procedural Hearing on 21 March 2018 are available here. The proceedings are available to view here.

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