Rupert Choat and Frances Pigott present at the MBL Construction Law Conference

10 July, London

Rupert Choat and Frances Pigott joined a list of construction law experts as speakers at the MBL Construction Law Conference 2017 which took place in London on 10 July.

In a session on “Liquidated Damages and Extensions of Time” Rupert Choat examined two areas where the courts have shown themselves to be particularly robust in recent times in a session covering

  • How hard is it to challenge a liquidated damages clause as a penalty?
  • Where do the other grounds for challenging liquidated damages clauses stand?
  • Why do extensions of time claims, in the courts, seem to meet with near total success or total failure?
  • What are the lessons and why are they not being learned?
  • Where are we now with ‘concurrency’ or competing causes of delay?

Frances Pigott discussed conclusive evidence clauses and conditions precedent in construction contracts, including:

  • The purpose of conditions precedent and conclusive evidence clauses in contracts
  • How the courts view these types of clauses
  • Pitfalls and benefits

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