Construction Law Conference: shaping new cases into solution-focused advice for clients

20th Jun 2016

Fiona Parkin QC and Rupert Choat spoke at the Whitepaper conference on ‘Construction Law: Shaping New Cases into Solution-Focused Advice for Clients’ on 8 July, 2016.

Fiona Parkin QC looked at liquidated damages and sought to answer the question as to how you mitigate the problem of a “genuine pre-estimate of loss” being an inappropriate test for LADs in modern building contracts (because working the figure out is so complex and potentially inaccurate)?

Rupert Choat’s session covered the topic of the Insurance Act 2015. The Act is likely to give rise to disputes. Rupert discussed what constitutes a ‘fair presentation of risk’ and will comment on what construction clients need to know about the Insurance Act.

For further information on the conference, including accessing the full day’s agenda, please click here.

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