Adjudication in Construction Law

20th Aug 2015

Darryl Royce is the author of ‘Adjudication in Construction Law’ (OUP: Oxford University Press) which brings together, in one convenient place, all the relevant material on the process of adjudication in construction. It provides clarity for those involved in the adjudication process, or related proceedings, in the form of a detailed and reliable text that supports each proposition with a statutory provision or a judicial observation.

Included in this book is a summary of the different procedures adopted in other jurisdictions, as well as a chronological account of the reviews and proposals for reforms made to Part II of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. There is also an explanation of the payment procedures under the statutory framework. Finally, readers will be able to make use of appendices comprised of the statutory material, the various contractual adjudication procedures currently available, and necessary forms.

Any lawyers or construction professionals involved in adjudication will find this book to be a clear and comprehensive aid to their practice.

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