3 Nov 2021: Mathias Cheung to speak on Life at the Commercial/Chancery Bar for City Law School

24th Oct 2021


6:00 pm BST

Virtual (Zoom)

Mathias Cheung will participate as a panel speaker on Life at the Commercial/Chancery Bar for the City Law School on Wednesday 3 November at 6 pm.

This is an opportunity for students who are interested in a career at the Commercial/Chancery Bar to hear from barristers who practice in this area of law.

Five panellists from a range of sets will provide an insight into life as a Commercial/Chancery barrister, areas of practice, pupillage advice and their pro bono work.

  • Mathias Cheung – barrister, Atkin Chambers
  • Thomas Keane, Pupil in the Business & Property Group, No.5 Chambers
  • James Saunders – barrister, New Square Chamber
  • Hossein Sharafi – barrister, 4 Stone Buildings
  • Fiona Whiteside – barrister, Twenty Essex


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