15 October 2020: Steven Walker QC presenting at Whitepaper Construction Conference on Conditions Precedent

5th Oct 2020


9:00 am

On-demand webinar

Steven Walker QC has recorded a talk on conditions precedent for the Whitepaper 2020 Construction Law Conference as part of an on-demand programme titled: ‘Construction: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for your Clients’. 

Steven answered the question: “Where is the contractual wriggle room over conditions precedents, e.g. being timed out of adjudications, late submissions of final accounts, claims for EoT?” Click here to view a short clip of Steven’s talk.

Other questions answered by the comprehensive programme are:

  • To what extent have the winds shifted over contract interpretation since Wood v Capita?
  • Under NEC and JCT, how can a contractor claim an extension of time and loss and expense for reasons of COVID, given stringent health & safety and site operating requirements?
  • How far can you push the boundaries of design obligations, implied terms of fitness for purpose and causation, and with what implications for insurance cover?
  • What are the unresolved issues – both legal and practical – over insolvency and construction adjudications following Bresco Electrical Services Ltd v Michael J Lonsdale (2020)?
  • How has current thinking changed on indirect and consequential loss clauses following 2E v Sony (2020)? Is it merely a matter of drafting?
  • Supported by case-law and practical examples, how do you control – and overcome – difficulties with variations omissions clauses? What can you push the court to do?

Click here to book the programme – all the talks will be available to view from Thursday 15th October 2020 until Monday 16th November 2020.