Shourav Lahiri to speak at The Society of Construction Law Hong Kong


6:30 pm HKT

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, 38th Floor, Two Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Shourav Lahiri will be presenting an in-person seminar for The Society of Construction Law Hong Kong, on the subject of prolongation cost claims, on Wednesday 10th January.

The issue of prolongation cost is a vexed one. A permanent fixture of most construction arbitrations, it gets little air time compared to its wealthier cousin EOT. But most employers and contractors measure their success in an arbitration not by how much delay LDs have been allowed or saved, but by how much prolongation cost has been awarded. While umbilically tied to EOT for the most part, a successful claim or defence of prolongation cost depends on a lot more than just piggybacking on the delay analysis.

In this talk, Shourav will explore:

  • the nature of prolongation cost,
  • the differing periods over which such cost is incurred
  • avoiding double-recovery, and
  • how to discharge the evidential burden of proving the quantum of prolongation cost.

For more details and to register visit the SCL website here.

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