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Laura Hussey Barrister Atkin Chambers

Laura Hussey

Call 2016

“Laura has great attention to detail, is very good with clients and a pleasure to work with.”

A client

Laura is developing a domestic and international practice in all specialist areas of Chambers’ work including construction, engineering and infrastructure, energy and utilities, information technology, professional negligence, as well as general commercial disputes.

Laura has gained experience at all stages of litigation, adjudication, and arbitration. She has worked with a variety of bespoke and standard form contracts and is familiar with the FIDIC, JCT, NEC, and ACA forms.

Prior to joining Atkin Chambers Laura spent a number of years gaining valuable and wide-ranging experience in banking and commercial roles. She now applies that experience to her work in order to provide practical and commercially sensitive advice.


Laura has experience in a range of construction disputes, both domestic and international. Recent work includes:

  • Acting as junior counsel for an employer in an arbitration in Dubai (DIAC rules) in a dispute concerning the construction of a large residential and commercial complex with issues including delay, variations, extensions of time and bonds and guarantees.
  • Drafting, as part of a team of counsel, a Reply to a Defence and Counterclaim on behalf of an international architectural and project management firm in an arbitration concerning the design and construction of a major airport in the Middle East.
  • Advising, as junior counsel, on a complex dispute concerning a large tunneling infrastructure project.
  • Acting for an electrical and mechanical services provider, including settling a Particulars of Claim and a Reply and Defence to Counterclaim, in a claim concerning the payment terms under a contract for the construction of high and low voltage substations. The primary issues in dispute were whether the contract was a fixed price contract and whether unpaid invoices represented variations under the contract.
  • Advising on a claim concerning payment for variations under a contract for the hydraulic modelling for large construction works in Sri Lanka.
  • Advising on whether a contractor validly could commence adjudication proceedings in a claim concerning an offshore wind farm and extensions of time.
  • Drafting a mediation response in an ongoing dispute concerning a regional city tram system’s extension works where the primary points in dispute concerned the interpretation of the contract.
  • Advising and settling a Particulars of Claim against a contractor in a dispute concerning the extension to a private property where the contractor abandoned the site.
  • Advising on the contractual interpretation of clauses within an NEC3 contract.
  • Drafting Particulars of Claim in a dispute concerning outstanding payments owed by a contractor to a sub-contractor for three separate projects.
  • Acting for an IT provider, including on various interim applications, in a claim concerning variations and unpaid invoices.


Laura’s professional negligence experience includes:

  • Advising on and drafting various interim applications along with settling a Defence in a multi-party dispute concerning the installation of underground electrical cables including the interpretation of indemnity clauses.
  • Advising on claims against an architect and contractor in a dispute concerning the extensive refurbishment of a private property with numerous design and workmanship defects including issues of limitation.
  • Advising on a multi-party claim regarding the construction of advertising signs including issues regarding defective structural engineering work, limitation and latent defects.
  • Advising and settling a Defence in a claim against a contractor concerning the refurbishment of a private property under an oral contract and alleged substantial defects. The key issues included establishing the terms of the oral contract, particularly the scope of work, and issues of quantum.
  • Drafting a Defence in a claim against a contractor concerning the installation of pipework including issues relating to the Defective Premises Act 1972 and quantum.
  • Advising in relation to a fire at a substation including issues of the parties’ contractual relationship and whether the loss was recoverable.
  • Drafting a Defence in a claim against an architect in a dispute concerning the design and construction of a building for a local council.