Stop playing games: does an adjudication enforcement trump an insolvency moratorium? – Building magazine

13th Mar 2017

In an article for Building magazine Lucie Briggs and Stephen Homer (Ashfords Solicitors) ask whether an adjudication enforcement trumps an insolvency moratorium by examining the January 2017 Coulson J judgment in the case of South Coast Construction Limited v Iverson Road Limited.

The case concerned proceedings for the enforcement of an adjudicator’s decision and is likely to have wide-ranging implications in respect of the interplay between the Insolvency Act 1986 and enforcement of adjudicators’ decisions, in particular what happens when a company, which has an adjudication decision against it, goes into administration.

To read this article please click here (subscription required). This article was first published in Building on 10 March 2017.

Lucie Briggs and Stephen Homer acted as counsel and solicitor for South Coast Construction Ltd in this case. 

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