Grenfell Inquiry Closing Statements

10th Dec 2018

Stephanie Barwise QC and Omar Eljadi are representing the larger of the two groups of victims (survivors, bereaved relatives and former residents of Grenfell Tower) in The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, a group represented by four firms of solicitors.

Copies of the closing submissions to the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry made on 10 December 2018 are available here and covered five matters:

  1. how an inevitable fire 6 overwhelmed the tower;
  2. the seminal events of the 7 night in the context of the building;
  3. root causes of 8 rapid fire spread;
  4. active and passive protection 9 systems; and
  5. toxic conditions on the night.

The submissions concluded with “findings we invite the inquiry to make”:

“We submit it is clear that Arconic’s Reynobond PE 10 panel was primarily responsible for the rapidity of fire spread but, equally clearly, the insulation and other components of the cladding played a role. In order to reach a finding that the cladding system was non-compliant, it is not necessary for the inquiry to know the precise contribution of each material to the catastrophe. We also note that, even now, Rydon does not submit that its work was compliant with the Building Regulations, and, indeed, no one suggests the facade complied. Given Dr Lane’s unequivocal evidence that the facade did not comply, the silence of Rydon and others on this point is tantamount to an admission that its facade was non-compliant. Accordingly, we invite you to find that the facade and window assembly was non-compliant with the Building Regulations.” – Stephanie Barwise QC.

Phase 2 of the Grenfell Inquiry will commence in late 2019.

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