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Construction and engineering

Construction and engineering disputes are at the heart of what we do. It is the specialism on which we have built our outstanding national and international reputation which extends back over half a century.

The technical and economic challenges of constructing landmark buildings and projects mean that disputes between those involved in delivering them are not infrequent. Developers, contractors, funders, insurers and construction professionals turn to us for advice and assistance in connection with many of the major projects of the age:

  • Wembley Stadium
  • The Lloyds Building
  • Channel Tunnel
  • House of Commons new offices
  • London Olympic Village
  • Bath Spa
  • British Library
  • Terminal 5

The complexities of construction projects also present themselves on a smaller scale: We appreciate the unique challenges involved in helping to resolve residential disputes which arise when developments go wrong. We have significant experience in acting in residential construction disputes; party wall claims and nuisance actions.

What a given case requires can vary hugely. What, we bring to each and every case is our familiarity with the sector and the dynamics of projects, a forensic identification of the facts and technical issues which matter, and a mastery of those, and a focused application of the relevant legal principles.