“Commercial Arbitration in Australia Under the Model Law” (3rd edition) – Professor Doug Jones AO and Professor Janet Walker, CM

30th Jun 2022

The third edition of “Commercial Arbitration in Australia Under the Model Law”, co-authored by Professor Doug Jones AO and Professor Janet Walker, CM, has been published by Thomson Reuters.

Commercial Arbitration in Australia Under the Model Law is an annotated guide to the domestic commercial arbitration legislation in Australia under the uniform commercial arbitration Acts. It provides analytical commentary on the growing body of case law applying the Model Law in Australia and around the world, discusses innovations in institutional rules and offers practical guidance.

For further information and to order a copy go to the publisher’s website here.

Praise for the third edition

“…comprehensive legal scholarship … invaluable experiential insights… a must-read, not only for Australian practitioners, but for arbitrators and arbitral counsel in Model Law countries around the world.”  – The Right Hon Beverley McLachlin, PC CC, Chief Justice of Canada (2000-2017)

“… a superb resource for students, practitioners, academics and judges” – The Hon Neil Kaplan, CBE, QC, SBS, Judge of the Hong Kong Supreme Court (1990-94), Chair of HKIAC (1991-2004)

“The indispensable reference point for all practitioners under the Uniform Australian Arbitration Acts…” – Justin Gleeson, SC, Solicitor General of Australia (2012-2016)

“…it will be cited with approval in common law courts far beyond the antipodean shores whose arbitral jurisprudence it so beautifully captures and crystallises.” – Louis Flannery QC, co-author of Merkin and Flannery on the (English) Arbitration Act 1996

“…the ‘go-to’ commercial arbitration text in Australia.” – Georgia Quick, President, Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration


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