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Brexit Bulletin

Brexit Bulletin

Whether you are a fan of Brexit, hard or soft, or an ardent Remainer, Brexit, and the deal which our Government is able to strike with the EU, is likely to have a significant impact on legal services and on many other sectors including construction, infrastructure and energy.

As lawyers, one of our main tasks is advising clients on risk and where possible protecting them from risk, whether at the contracting stage, during a project or during the lifetime of a commercial transaction or in the context of any dispute which arises. Whether Brexit ends up being good or not for our economy and the UK, the event of Brexit will inevitably be relevant when we are advising on risk.

Our Brexit Bulletin addresses the topical issues we consider important for these industries.

Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, Head of Chambers

Please also take a look at our interactive Brexit Timeline which is regularly updated with key dates for our sectors as they emerge.

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Is Enough Being Done to Secure Migrant Labour?

17 October 2017
Mathias Cheung discusses the latest developments relating to post-Brexit skills shortages in the construction and infrastructure industry: The Office of National Statistics has revealed a growing ‘Brexodus’ and less EU citizens coming to the UK as jobseekers. Industry bodies and figures have variously called on the Government to secure the rights of EU citizens in...Read more

Brexit Negotiations Thus Far – Quo Vadis, Britain?

17 October 2017
Mathias Cheung discusses some of the key takeaways three and a half months into the Brexit negotiations: Progress has been slow in the past four rounds of negotiations, and trade talks may well have to be pushed back. Citizens’ rights remain at the top of the agenda with no consensus just yet, which may impact...Read more

UK’s Courts and Legal Services Untrammelled by Brexit

17 October 2017
Martin Bowdery QC and Mathias Cheung discuss the position of UK courts and legal services in a post-Brexit world in the light of the Judiciary’s recent memorandum: English law and UK judges will continue to be highly valued by parties here and abroad who wish to have their commercial disputes resolved fairly and impartially in...Read more

Public Procurement Post Brexit – Where Next?

20 June 2017
Camille Slow examines the potential impact of Brexit on the public procurement regime in the UK. The key observations are that: Transitional arrangements post Brexit will be necessary to enable to UK to continue to participate in the WTO’s Agreement on Government Procurement. The UK is unlikely to dispense completely with its public procurement regime,...Read more

Hung Parliament, Softer Brexit, and Waiting for Godot

20 June 2017
Mathias Cheung provides a post-election update on the direction of the Brexit negotiations and the implications for the construction/infrastructure industry. The three key takeaways are: There are likely to be delays in starting the Brexit negotiations, and the UK may have to ask for an extension somewhere down the line. The UK could be heading...Read more

Post-Brexit Skills Shortages – Managing the Legal Risks

20 June 2017
Mathias Cheung considers the potential skills shortage post Brexit, and the potential measures for minimising the risks in current and future projects. The key observations are that: Statistics show that most businesses are not prepared for the loss of EU labour which is likely to result from Brexit. Parties have to review currently agreed completion...Read more

Belt and Road Initiative: UK’s Post-Brexit Promised Land?

1 June 2017
‘As China drives forward the Belt and Road Initiative from the East,’ the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, said in a speech at the Beijing Summit on 14 May 2017, ‘we in Britain are a natural partner in the West’. The UK’s readiness to work with other partners in the initiative was echoed by an interview with...Read more

The 2017 French election – what does it mean for Brexit and construction?

9 May 2017
The 2017 French presidential election, which culminated in the second-round run-off on Sunday 7 May 2017, has been described by commentators like the Guardian’s Observer editorial as an election with “potentially momentous consequences… for the French, for Europe and for Britain”. It is arguably the most important French election in modern history. The Economist very...Read more

Demystifying Brexit, construction, infrastructure and energy

9 May 2017
The story thus far In the celebrated decision of HP Bulmer Ltd v J Bollinger SA Ch 401 (CA) at 418F, Lord Denning MR most memorably described European law as “an incoming tide. It flows into the estuaries and up the rivers. It cannot be held back”. That process began when the UK joined...Read more