6 Oct 2021: James Howells QC to join Watson Farley & Williams’ Autumn legal briefing to discuss Triple Point v PTT


9:30 am BST

London (Virtual)

At Watson Farley & Williams’ Autumn Construction and development legal briefing on Wednesday 6 October 2021, James Howells QC and Rob Fidoe, Partner at Watson Farley Williams, will discuss the recent Supreme Court decision in Triple Point v PTT and its implications for the interpretation of liquidated damages and limitation of liability provisions.  James Howells QC and Rob Fidoe represented PTT at first instance and through each appeal.

The webinar will look at the most important construction legal developments and informed analysis from the last quarter. As well as “Liquidated damages and limitations on liability — Triple Point Technology, Inc v PTT Public Company Ltd”, the webinar will look at:

  • Where next for Collateral warranties — Toppan Holdings Limited and another v Simply Construct (UK) LLP
  • The impact of the construction materials and labour shortage

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