5 July 2021: Shourav Lahiri joins panel at Masin Symposium on Construction Disputes/Arbitration

18th Jun 2021


3:00 pm IST

Virtual Panel Discussion

Shourav Lahiri will join a panel of speakers for a Symposium on Construction Disputes/Arbitration hosted by Masin on 5-6 July 2021.

The symposium will comprise a series of webinars focusing on construction claims, disputes and arbitrations in India.

Shourav’s panel discussion on Monday 5 July at 15.00 IST (11am UK time) will discuss exclusion clauses which bar time and cost claims in construction contracts.

He will be joined on the panel by Masin CEO Rohit Singhal, Atul Sharma, managing partner of Link Legal Senior Advocate, and Rishabh Jogani, partner at MRP Advisory (Dubai).

To register for the Symposium please click here.

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