30 Sept 2021: Professsor Janet Walker to join panel at BCLP Arbitration Survey 2021 launch event

28th Jul 2021

Professor Janet Walker will join a distinguished panel at the “BCLP Arbitration Survey Launch Event 2021 – Expert Evidence in International Arbitration” on Thursday 30 September 2021.

BCLP will be launching its arbitration survey results from its survey on ‘Expert Evidence in International Arbitration: Saving the Party-Appointed Expert’. The survey focuses on the perceived problems with party-appointed experts. Are there practical steps that could or should be taken to mitigate them and, if so, who should take the lead in implementing them? Are there better alternatives for adducing expert evidence in arbitration? In other words, what can be done to save the party-appointed expert?

The event will be co-hosted with the London Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

• Professor Janet Walker, Arbitrator, Atkin Chambers
• Julian Lew QC, Arbitrator, Twenty Essex
• Chudozie Okongwu, Managing Director, Alix Partners
• Wendy MacLaughlin, Senior Partner, GB2

PLEASE NOTE This event was invitation only but the recording is available to view here.



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