24 March 2021: Jennifer Jones to discuss construction adjudication and enforcement for #ConstructionCast

10th Mar 2021


10:30 am BST

Virtual Panel Discussion

Jennifer Jones will participate in ConstructionCast – a 30-minute virtual panel discussion on Wednesday 24 March at 10.30am.

This episode of ConstructionCast will look at construction adjudication and enforcement. Introduced in in mid 1990s as part of the new Construction Act, adjudication has become a popular and regularly used form of dispute resolution. Allowing for a quick resolution of a dispute and aiming to maintain cashflow, the 28-day process is available for almost any construction project.

This episode will discuss:

  • What’s new in adjudication?
  • What the latest developments in the law are.
  • Will courts in other jurisdictions still enforce adjudication decisions after the UK has left the European Union?
  • When should you use adjudication?
  • When should you not? And many more questions.



You can find a summary of the conversation here or watch the recorded session below.

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