23 May 2020: Shourav Lahiri on Issues in Arbitration & Future of Virtual Hearings for SCOPE (India)

21st May 2020


10:30 am BST

India (virtual event)

Shourav Lahiri joined a distinguished panel of speakers to discuss current issues in arbitration with respect to the appointment of arbitrators, how the current pandemic might change the face of arbitration and the use of virtual platforms.

Shourav was joined on the panel by Gaurav Pachnanda, Senior Advocate practising in the Supreme Court of India and a door tenant at Fountain Court Chambers in London, and Justice Vibhu Bakhru, sitting judge of the Delhi High Court and a leading light in arbitration in India.

The panel discussed issues arising from restrictions in choice of arbitrators and unilateral arbitrator appointments, and the future of virtual hearings.

The event was organised by the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) – the central body representing all public sector enterprises of India.

A video of the event is available here:




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