19-21 August 2021: Professor Doug Jones AO and Professor Janet Walker at Asia ADR Week 2021


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Virtual)

Professor Doug Jones AO and Professor Janet Walker will both be speaking at the forthcoming ASIA ADR WEEK 2021.

Professor Janet Walker will be a part of panel on 19 August 2021 – Day 1 (Session 4) – covering the topic: “Extending the Roots of Arbitration” Environment, Animal Conservation and Climate Crisis”.

About the panel – “With sustainable development goals being placed at the forefront of corporate responsibility in both private and public sectors, it is high time that corporate stakeholders and arbitral institutions promoted ADR as a viable means of facilitating the demands of environmental disputes arising from investment, business and commercial agreements. This session focuses on the multiple dimensions of ADR in serving as not just a platform to resolve disputes, but also a strong ally that raises the awareness of pressing environmental, corporate responsibility and climate crisis issues.”

Professor Doug Jones AO will be part of a panel on 20 August 2021 – Day 2 (Session 2) – covering the topic: “Propria Persona in International Commercial Arbitration: Does the Robe Matter?”. 

About the panel – “The choice of arbitrators involves many tangible and intangible factors. When parties to a disagreement belong to different legal, economic and social systems, these factors grow in importance. The advantage gained by having an arbitrator who is an industry expert can be disparaged by his/her lack of legal training and knowledge. This begs the real question: shall the court apply an interventionist approach in cases where non-lawyer arbitrators have erred in their interpretation and findings of the law? Is legal experience the most important characteristic in an arbitrator’s professional repertoire?”

Doug will be joined alongside Honourable Justice Dato’ Mary Lim Thiam Suan, Federal Court of Malaysia; Datuk Dr. Prasad Sandosham Abraham, Asian Arbitration Centre; Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil Abraham, Cecil Abraham & Partners; Hon. Roger Gyles AO QC, Maxwell Chambers; Hon. Mr Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri, Singapore International Commercial Court; and Hon. Rimsky Yuen, GBM, SC, GP, Temple Chambers.

ASIA ADR WEEK 2021 runs for 3 days between 19 and 21 August 2021 during which the AIAC will host over 120 distinguished speakers from all over the world including judges, academicians, and ADR practitioners who will share their thoughts and insights on a range of topics.

For further details on Asia ADR Week, please click here. 

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