17-26 Nov 2020: Andrew Goddard QC and James Howells QC join panel discussions at this year’s SCL Hong Kong Conference

28th Oct 2020


10:00 am

Hong Kong (virtual)

Atkin Chambers is pleased to sponsor the 2020 SCL Hong Kong Annual Conference.

Titled “Planning for the Unexpected”, the event will run virtually from Tuesday 17 November 2020.

About the event

Unexpected events regularly occur during the life of a construction project. These may include accidents, unforeseen ground conditions or even force majeure events. Some of these events will have more severe consequences than others. This conference will explore how these various unexpected events may impact a construction project and how to plan for and mitigate such risks particularly in a post Covid-19 world.

Andrew Goddard QC and James Howells QC are speaking at two events as part of the series:

On Tuesday 17 November, James Howells QC will participate in a panel session on Force majeure / Covid-19

(6-7.30pm HK time (10 – 11.30am UK time).

A review and discussion of the contractual provisions and principles governing events of force majeure, including:

  • What is force majeure and how are such events defined under contract?
  • Potential consequences of force majeure events
  • How has Covid-19 affected the construction industry and what are the problems so caused?
  • How has contracting parties dealt with these problems caused by Covid-19?

On Thursday 19 November, Andrew Goddard QC will chair a panel session on Unforeseen Ground Conditions

(6-7.30pm HK time (10 – 11.30am UK time).

A review and discussion of the common issues concerning unforeseen ground conditions, including:

  • Relevant contractual provisions
  • Reliance on pre-contract ground survey report; Opportunity to conduct proper site inspection during tender stage
  • The use of Geotechnical Baseline Reports and their potential problems in providing a realistic, measurable or meaningful baseline
  • Potential claims and defences arising from unforeseen ground conditions.

For further information, and to register for this event, please click here.



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