16 March 2023: Rupert Choat KC to co-chair the 8th Biennial IBA Conference on Construction Projects


9:00 am Germany/CET

Hotel de Rome, Berlin, Germany

Rupert Choat KC will be co-chairing the 8th Biennial IBA Conference on “Construction Projects from Conception to Completion” in Berlin between 16-18 March 2023. He will be joined by co-chair Dr Rouven F Bodenheimer, Partner, Bodenheimer Herzberg. This will be the fourth time Rupert and Rouven have co-chaired the conference.

Topics for the 2023 event are:

  • Amending FIDIC Conditions
  • The perfect variations clause
  • Avoiding construction arbitrations
  • The importance of the applicable law. How far do lawyers from civil law and common law backgrounds view the same construction law issues differently?
  • Constructive acceleration.
  • Jurisdictions of interest when defending calls against on-demand bonds.
  • Reinvigorating independence in expert evidence.
  • Addressing high volumes of low value claims in construction arbitration.
  • When it all ends in disaster

For further details and to register go to the IBA website here.

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