14 July 2020: “Getting Started – Advocacy in the Early Years” Mathias Cheung presenting to Lincoln’s Inn

30th Jun 2020


5:00 pm

Lincoln's Inn - Virtual event via Zoom

On Tuesday 14 July Mathias Cheung will participate in a webinar on “Getting Started – Advocacy in the Early Years” hosted by Lincoln’s Inn Education team.

The seminar, which will be delivered online, will be for current bar students of Lincoln’s Inn. The panel members will talk about their own experiences on what it was like getting started and offer any useful advice and tips to attendees.

The webinar will consist of a panel of four speakers, each will take a turn of around 15 minutes to talk on their chosen topic. There will be a short break after the talks before the speakers and participants will move into virtual breakout rooms for the Q&A part of the session.




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