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Our People

Queens Council
Andrew White    Queens Council 1997
Nicolas Dennys    Queens Council 1991
Jonathan Acton Davis    Queens Council 1996
Nicholas Baatz    Queens Council 1998
Martin Bowdery    Queens Council 2000
Stephen Dennison    Queens Council 2001
David Streatfeild-James    Queens Council 2001
Andrew Goddard    Queens Council 2003
Stephanie Barwise    Queens Council 2006
Simon Lofthouse    Queens Council 2006
Chantal-Aimee Doerries    Queens Council 2008
Peter Fraser    Queens Council 2009
Manus McMullan    Queens Council 2010
Fiona Parkin    Queens Council 2011
Dominique Rawley    Queens Council 2012
Steven Walker    Queens Council 2012
James Howells    Queens Council 2014

Barristers 10+ Years
Darryl Royce    Year of call 1976
Andrew Burr    Year of call 1981
Robert Clay    Year of call 1989
Nicholas Collings    Year of call 1997
Patrick Clarke    Year of call 1997
Christopher Lewis    Year of call 1998
Rupert Choat    Year of call 1998
Serena Cheng    Year of call 2000
Riaz Hussain    Year of call 2001
Camille Slow    Year of call 2002
Mark Chennells    Year of call 2002
Jennifer Jones    Year of call 2003
Lucie Briggs    Year of call 2004
Frances Pigott    Year of call 1994 (practising since 2004

Barristers -10 Years
Simon Crawshaw    Year of call 2005
Ronan Hanna    Year of call 2006
Marc Lixenberg    Year of call 2005
Andrew Fenn    Year of call 2007
Zulfikar Khayum    Year of call 2006
Peter Land    Year of call 2007
Edmund Neuberger    Year of call 2008
Omar Eljadi    Year of call 2009
David Johnson    Year of call 2010
Felicity Dynes    Year of call 2010
Mischa Balen    Year of call 2011
Lauren Adams    Year of call 2013

Associate Members
John Blackburn QC    Queens Council 1984
Anthony Butcher QC    Queens Council 1984
Sir Thayne Forbes    Queens Council 1984
Professor Doug Jones AM (Australia)    Date of Admission 1972
Her Honour Frances Kirkham CBE    Date of Qualification 1978
His Honour Humphrey Lloyd QC    Queens Council 1979
Colin Reece QC    Queens Council 1984
Gordon Reid QC    Queens Council 1993
Michael Shane

Paul Elphick – Chief Exec
Justin Wilson – Senior Clerk
Andrew Burrows
Rob Bryant
Natasha Willicombe
Ryan Walker
Matthew Ashman
Dominic Woodbridge
Daniel Jones – ADR Appointments
Liam Turner
Edward Brech
Deborah Webb – Finance
Tim Waller – Finance

Our Work

– Services

o Litigation

o Arbitration

o Adjudication

o Advisory

o Mediation

o Other services

– Sectors

o Construction, engineering and infrastructure

o Energy, natural resources and utilities

o IT and Telecommunications

o Professional Negligence

o Shipbuilding, Repair and Conversion

– International

o Africa

o Americas

o Caribbean

o Europe

o Middle East

o North & Central Asia

o Pacific

o South & East Asia

Our Operations

– How to instruct us
o Who can instruct us

o Terms of business

– Practice Management

o History

o Pro Bono

– Regulation and Compliance

o Equal opportunities

o Complaints procedure

– Pupilage and recruitment

o Who are we

o Pupilage structure

o Pupilage application

o Tenancy application

o Mini-pupillages

o Day in the life

o 6 lightboxes from this page

o FAQs

Our news & events

– News

– Awards

– Seminars

– Cases

– Articles

– Books

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