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'Generations of pupils have chosen this Chambers for its premier status'
Chambers Student Handbook


Applications for the year starting in September 2019 open on Saturday 30 September 2017 and close at midnight on Wednesday 13 December 2017. Please note that we do not operate as part of the Pupillage Gateway.

We offer two funded 12-month pupillages each year.

We are committed to recruiting pupils and tenants (generally from our own pupils) who will participate in the continued success of Atkin Chambers in domestic and international work. Our general policy is to grow at a measured rate by the recruitment of tenants usually at a rate of one or two a year.

As a set, we take recruitment to pupillage and to tenancy extremely seriously. The market-leading pupillage award reflects this.We fully fund pupillage to a value of £72,500 per annum. The award is reviewed annually. The award is paid monthly in equal instalments. An advance of up to £25,000 is available from the pupillage award as funding for the BPTC should it be required. We are also happy to consider requests for additional advances on a case-by-case basis.

Chambers invites applications from prospective pupils who are, as a minimum, in their final year of their law degree or (for non-law graduates) undertaking the GDL.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Andrew Burrows, clerk to the pupillage committee on