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Brexit Bulletin

Brexit Bulletin

Whether you are a fan of Brexit, hard or soft, or an ardent Remainer, Brexit, and the deal which our Government is able to strike with the EU, is likely to have a significant impact on legal services and on many other sectors including construction, infrastructure and energy. As lawyers, one of our main tasks is advising clients on risk and where possible protecting them from risk, whether at the contracting stage, during a project or during the lifetime of a commercial transaction or in the context of any dispute which arises. Whether Brexit ends up being good or not for our economy and the UK, the event of Brexit will inevitably be relevant when we are advising on risk.

This Brexit Bulletin will, going forward, address topical issues, which we consider important for these industries. For example, when drafting contracts involving European partners, should we be considering possible enforcement issues, which may arise post Brexit, in the absence of any deal covering cross-border enforcement of judgments? Or, should we be looking more closely at the risk of price fluctuations or currency fluctuations, particularly when a large proportion of the materials used in the UK construction industry are imported from the EU? Figures published in March 2017 from the Office of National Statistics showed the net cost of imported construction materials from the EU rose by more than 15% in 2016. These are but two examples of some of the real issues which we and our clients will be facing and which we will be examining in our future Brexit Bulletins.

Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC

Head of Chambers

Please also take a look at our interactive Brexit Timeline which is regularly updated with key dates for our sectors as they emerge.

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